A humidifier is a device that increases humidity (moisture) in a single room or an entire building.

When ocean waves crash onto a beach, they do more than entertain beach goers. Moving water, moving air and sunlight all cause air molecules to break apart, releasing charged atoms, or ions, into the atmosphere. Scientists claim there is an abundance of negatively charged ions in sea air and that they have health benefits which range from better circulation to improved moods.Areas like the ocean, waterfalls and country sides have a large amount of ions (25,000 to 100,000pcm3) in the air whereas offices, normal households and smoking areas are lacking in these “air vitamins” (Only 100 to 250 pcm3).

*The Blissful Range are not humidifiers.

This is especially important for anyone suffering from any type of respiratory problems and the PerfectAire range of humidifiers and Ionisers will help you have a perfect life as they offer a built-in ioniser unit, which through the action of the water movement in all the units, will offer a small amount of ionisation as a by-product of the purification process.