PerfectAire Air Purifier Bliss Pink


PerfectAire Bliss, a basic model in our range of air purifiers comes in six rich shades of beautiful colors for you to choose from. Given its compact size, the PerfectAire Bliss is designed to take up minimum space and to deliver a great impact to your environment.

The PerfectAire Bliss Pink is a simple and affordable air cleansing and purification system that purifies and deodorises indoor air.

The PerfectAire Bliss Pink covers up to 70m²,  and is available in 8 colours – green, yellow, violet, natural, pink, blue, black and white. You can choose and view the colours from the table below. The PerfectAire Bliss does not have lights.

Offers relief from the symptoms of polluted indoor air
Breathing difficulties and asthma
• Allergies, rashes and itchy skin
• Headaches, dizziness and fatigue
• Sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes and a runny nose
Purifies and effectively revitalises the air within minutes

• Eliminates cigarette smoke.
• Eliminates air-borne viruses and bacteria.
• Prevents mould and fungi growth.
• Removes mould, pollen, dust and other contaminants.
• Neutralises malodours such as pet smells, smoke and paint fumes.

• Eco-friendly

• Safe for children and pets

Must be used in conjunction with the PerfectAire botanical solutions. (listed separately)
Please do not put hot water in the bowls and do not put the bowls in the dishwasher as they will melt.

A choice for GREEN living, the PerfectAire is innovative and sassy! 


• Rated power: 13 watts
• Water tank volume : 0.75 litre
• Weight : 1 kg

• Coverage area : 70 M²

• SABS tested and approved
  • 1 year warranty (does not include the bowl, it is only for the lid (the motor is included in the lid)
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