Why Ionizers are Necessary

“Please, open the window, it is very stuffy here and I have a headache”, say some people. “On no account!” – say the others. “It is very cold in the street, we don’t want draughts or colds”. It is a known fact that urbanites spend up to 90% of their time indoor.

The air we breathe at home, at work, in the bus can be 2-3 times higher in pollution than outdoor air. In closed space the air becomes “dead” in a very short period: negative ions of ozone, micro-organisms and some other components are destroyed. As a result of it, our brains don’t function at its best and fatigue ability increases. In such situation even air in the street , which is not very pure, seems to be fresh. In order to decrease these factors it is necessary to ionize the air with the PerfectAire models.

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Poor indoor air quality represents one of the top five public health risks, according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Science. With the average person spending about 90 percent of his time indoors, taking steps to improve the air quality in your home can provide significant health benefits. Ionizers and other electronic cleaning devices offer an effective solution for removing pollutants from the air, but must be chosen with care to avoid potential problems and health risks.


Ionizers contain an electrically charged wire, which sends charged molecules into the air in your home. These molecules, or ions, interact with pollutants and dust particles in the air due to an electric attraction. Depending on the type of system you choose, the ions either force pollutants to stick to walls or other surfaces within a room, or capture them on an electrically-charged collection plate near the ionizing unit. By removing these particles from the air you breathe, ionizers improve air quality and reduce the amount of particulates that enter your lungs.

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