Air Purification


PerfectAire Air Purifiers are No 1 in the world and No 1 in S.A. – PerfectAire is at the Air purification and revitalizer forefront ensuring cleaner environments for homes, offices, resorts, hotels, schools and they are even being used in hospitals across South Africa.

PerfectAire Solutions are widely used in Hospitals, clinics, clean rooms, offices, apartments, restaurants, airports, and pubs. The solutions are used in conjunction with the units as a way of eliminating smoke and unwanted odours. PerfectAire Microbeshield formulated air-purifying concentrate is made using a proprietary blend of anti-bacteria and anti-viral agents (patented) blend with botanical extracts. It not only has the solution technology to eliminate indoor air pollutants, but it also possesses the “intelligence” to detect odours. It also has long residual bacterial effects (about 3 years on the hard surfaces.) Microbe shield (Sterilizing) scent-free, antibacterial, anti-fungus and eliminates odour


The Lifestyle Cafe , the main distributing agent for PerfectAire in South Africa and have been in business for the decade, providing air purification systems to people all over the world. Exclusively appointed by Singapore, to supply retail and corporate, we have also created a shopping site for your convenience – order online and stay healthier.
PerfectAire is a revolutionary air cleansing system-This unique cleaning process harnesses the inherent purification properties of water and the natural anti-bacterial essence, to literally wash the air clean, create cleaner, fresher, bacteria-free air every day whenever you are indoors, ensuring a perfect life.

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